Celebrating our Rivers on the World Rivers Day, 2016!

Above: Parshuram Kund on River Lohit, Arunachal Pradesh

Since 2005, last Sunday of every September is celebrated as the World Rivers Day. The tradition started in 1980s in British Columbia when some river activists came together for their rivers. Its only grown since then.

All through the year we hear about water conflicts, river pollution, degrading freshwater biodiversity, damming of living rivers, mismanagment, concretisation and encroachment on Indian Rivers. As I write this, Cauvery Water Conflict and simmering, serious discontent over the Indus Water Treaty governing 6 rivers between India and Pakistan is mounting. A simple google search on Indian Rivers throws up images of filth, pollution, droughts and floods. Lest we forget, thats not the whole picture. We are still the custodians of an amazing legacy. India still holds some of the most beautiful, healthy and life giving rivers in the world. There are people and communities nurturing their rivers and protecting them. All is not lost and this is a battle worth fighting, full of positive energy.

On this World Rivers Day, we bring a glimpse of beautiful rivers across the country. To reaffirm our love and commitment to our river systems!

(All pictures by Parineeta Dandekar, SANDRP)


Mhadei/Mandovi in Goa. Torn between interstate water disputes and iron ore shipping. But supports myriad communities and rich biodiversity


Mandovi, with mangroves and tidal influence 


Chapora, as she meets the Sea. Chapora is also called as Tillari in Maharashtra


KaliNadi, Downstream Supa Dam in Karnataka


KaliNadi in the mornings


Kal River in Western ghats of Maharashtra 


Community Fish Sanctuary on the Kal River


Netravathi in Dakshin Kannada Western Ghats of Karnataka


Kumadhara, a tributary of Netravathi in Western Ghats of Karnataka


Cauvery, bordering Karnataka and Tamilnadu


Shalmala River in Uttar Kannada


Karli River, Sindhudurg, Maharashtra


Sipna River, arising from the Satpuda Ranges of Madhya Pradesh and Maharahstra


Beautiful Kamng in Arunachal Pradesh


Vast floodplains of Dibang, seen through Orange Orchards


The magnificance of Dibang, dwarfing a lone elephant, Arunachal Pradesh


Mighty junction of Brahmaputra


Bhagirathi Ganga, West bengal


Migthy Ganga/Padma dowsntream Farakka Barrage

We have many many beautiful reasons to protect our Rivers.

Happy World Rivers Day!



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