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Cumulative Impact Assessment documents not in public domain anymore? Letter to MoEF and CC


Even as the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change has been sanctioning cascades of hydropower projects on here-to free flowing rivers in the Himalaya and North East India, Cumulative Assessment of the Impacts of these projects became a crucial area…

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Hydropower projects in India: Important 2015 Developments


Above: Penstock burst of Sorang Hydropower Project in Himachal Pradesh (Photo: Himdhara) Indian government continues to have very ambitious hydropower targets, even though all the evidence suggests why we should be reviewing it. As per Central Electricity Authority, India has…

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India’s Free Flowing Frontier Part I: Dibang at Nizamghat


What does it mean when landscapes, riverscapes, ways of life are altered forever? When a mighty, flowing river is plugged and made to stop, flow in tunnel and released as per our whims? For most of us, life and environment…

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Cumulative Impact Assessment of Tawang Basin: Highlights from the NEHU Study


“We want sacred rivers of Tawang to flow freely, not inside Tunnels!” What makes the assertion on this banner more remarkable is the fact that the people holding it up are not fiery activists, but peace-loving Buddhist monks of the…

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Is government at all serious in addressing the issues raised by Movement against the Lower Subansiri Hydropower Project?


Minutes of Government of India meeting on Lower Subansiri HEP in Dec 2014 rejected by movement: Shoddy Cumulative impact assessments, lack of public consultations won’t help

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Submerged – what to expect if the Dibang river is dammed

The beautiful Dibang valley, that faces the threat of submergence due to the Dibang Multipurpose Project (Photography by Soumya Dasgupta).

Guest Blog by: : Karthik Teegalapalli ( a researcher with the Nature Conservation Foundation In April 2014, the Forest Advisory Committee (FAC) decided to deny clearance to the 3000 MW Dibang Multipurpose Hydro-electric Project, the largest capacity hydro project in the country proposed to…

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Dibang Insensitivity Analysis : FAC recommendation can destroy 4577 ha rich Forests

Dibang Valley tribes Photo from go ibibo/dibangvalley

Reaching exasperating lows of environment decision making, the Forest Advisory Committee (FAC is a statutory body of the Ministry of Environment Forests and Climate Change (MoEFCC) formed under the Forest Conservation Act of 1980. FAC appraises Forest diversion proposals) has…

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Manipulating Environment & Forest Clearances for Dibang Project: Déjà vu: LSHP History repeated: Will it be tragedy or comedy?

The affected people stopping the public hearing in 2008. Source:

Every possible violation of norms, procedures, law and democratic governance is being committed in pushing clearances for the India’s largest capacity hydropower project, which involves India’s highest dam proposed so far & North East India’s Largest capacity reservoir: the 3000…

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Dibang Project Rejected Forest Clearance for the Second Time

The affected people stopping the public hearing in 2008 since they knew that that was their only chance to be heard. Source:

PROJECT UNABLE TO SUBMIT SATISFACTORY PROPOSAL EVEN SIX YEARS AFTER PM LAID FOUNDATION STONE! In a remarkable decision, the Forest Advisory Committee (FAC) of MoEF has rejected the forest clearance to 3000 MW Dibang multipurpose project for the second time…

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Analysis MoWR’s Advisory Committee’s Decisions for Northeast – January 2009 to Dec 2013


This is analysis of the decisions of the Advisory Committee in the Union Ministry of Water Resources for consideration of techno-economic viability of Irrigation, Flood Control and Multi Purpose Project Proposals (TAC in short) for North East India[1] from 95th…

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