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महाराष्ट्र-तेलंगण आंतरराज्यीय करार: जनतेच्या मुलभूत हक्कांचे व देशाच्या पर्यावरणीय कायद्यांचे उल्लंघन

Medigatta Bhoomipoojan cropped

काल दि. २३ ऑगस्ट २०१६ रोजी महाराष्ट्र-तेलंगण आंतरराज्य मंडळाच्या आज झालेल्या पहिल्याच बैठकीत तुमडीहेटी, मेडिगट्टा आणि चनाखा-कोर्टा बॅरेज या तीन बॅरेजचे काम सुरू करण्यासाठी दोन्ही राज्यांदरम्यान करार करण्यात आले. कमालीची गोपनीयता पाळत केल्या गेलेल्या या कराराबद्दलची अत्यंत मोघम टिप्पणी प्रसार…

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Proposed Maharashtra Telangana Inter-state Water sharing Agreement of Aug 23, 2016: In complete violation of people’s rights & environmental laws of India


Maharashtra & Telangana governments, it has been announced, will be signing a pact for three irrigation projects to be constructed on River Godavari. Under the agreement, the two states would take up Tummidihatti, Medigadda (Kaleswaram) and Chanaka–Korata projects. Chief Minister…

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The New License Raj: License to Violate Environmental Laws through Environmental Supplemental Plan

Sonthi Barrage in Karnataka

Above: Sonthi Barrage in Karnataka standing without Environmental Clearance The Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change has issued a Draft Notification which aims to “regularise” projects which have violated the basic tenet of Environment Law and Governance in the…

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The High Level Committee Report on Environmental Laws: A Recipe for Climate Disaster and Silencing People’s Voice

440 MW Vishnuprayag HEP post 2013 disaster in Uttarakhand. The project, its operation and location   added significantly to disaster in the downstream. Photo: Matu JanSangathan

Above: 440 MW Vishnuprayag HEP post 2013 disaster in Uttarakhand. The project, its operation and location added significantly to disaster in the downstream. Photo: Matu JanSangathan Post by- Ritwick Dutta, Lawyers  Initiative For Forest and Environment,          …

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HLC Report on Review of Environment Laws: Utmost Good Faith towards the Industry, Utmost suspicion towards the affected

Peaceful protests against hydropower dams in Teetsa Photo: ACT, Sikkim

In its initial pages, TSR Subramanian Committee Report (High Level Committee Report) comes across as a well-written, even eloquent document. That the environmental laws and governance needed streamlining and a strong, unbiased review was beyond doubt. Such a step was…

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HLC – TSR Subramanian report: Climate blind or a climate disaster?

SANDRP's critique of NAPCC

The Report of the High Level Committee to review various Acts administered by MoEF & CC (the report hereafter) has been submitted[1] on Nov 18, 2014[2], though it has been made public only in early Dec 2014. The High Level…

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Who governs our rivers: Too many cooks without care or coordination?

Union Water Resources Minister Sushri Uma Bharti at Ganga

By law, rivers in India belong to the government, however, government has no particular agency that governs our rivers. Our constitution or law does not provide any direct protection to rivers. A large number of entities at centre and state…

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Challenges for the new NDA government in India

River Ganga at Varanasi Photo: amar123

National Democratic Alliance (NDA) led by BJP’s Mr. Narendra Modi has been given a mandate to govern India for the next five years. Without going into the political and social facets related to this issue, there are a number of…

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Dibang Project Rejected Forest Clearance for the Second Time

The affected people stopping the public hearing in 2008 since they knew that that was their only chance to be heard. Source:

PROJECT UNABLE TO SUBMIT SATISFACTORY PROPOSAL EVEN SIX YEARS AFTER PM LAID FOUNDATION STONE! In a remarkable decision, the Forest Advisory Committee (FAC) of MoEF has rejected the forest clearance to 3000 MW Dibang multipurpose project for the second time…

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Open Letter to UPA Leadership: Please Remove Mr. Moily from Paryavaran Bhawan

pic 1

OPEN LETTER TO UPA LEADERSHIP: Do you know how much Aam people depends on Environment? Do you understand what is conflict of interest? Do you at all get the message from Aam people? Please immediately remove Moily from MoEF if…

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