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World Wetlands Day 2015: Rivers and Wetlands need hydrological protection too!

On the World Wetlands Day we celebrate Wetlands across the country (Wetlands also include Rivers, tributaries, floodplains, ox box lakes and deltas) as one of the most productive ecosystems of the world. Wetlands not only support largest proportion of biodiversity,…

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SANDRP BLOG: 2014 in review

The stats prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

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November 24, 2014  “We deal with rivers with utmost unconcern and disrespect… India Rivers Week and India Rivers Forum is most welcome, will look forward to participate in it” says Jairam Ramesh at the India Rivers Week 2014 inauguration Former…

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Climate Change and Agriculture: Where is the National Mission on Sustainable Agriculture?

A mix of Millets, corns, legumes and vegetables used by tribals in the same plot. Photo: Aparna Pallavi, Down to Earth

Adaptive Agriculture: A mix of Millets, Corn, Legumes and Vegetables grown by tribals in the same plot. Photo: Aparna Pallavi, Down to Earth When the farmers were losing their crop due to less or no rain, the government was still speculating…

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Yettinahole Diversion DPR: New Avataar, old problems

Netravathi River in its upper reaches Photo: Parineeta Dandekar, SANDRP

River Netravathi in the upper reaches Photo: Parineeta Dandekar, SANDRP Like a many-headed serpent, Yettinahole (Netravathi) Diversion Project refuses to die. Every time one of its head is cut, it grows a new head. Following criticism of the Project Report [i](based on…

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Himachal Small Hydropower Policy Changes Opposed

PRESS NOTE                                                                            …

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Sewage Management of Nagpur: The story & the sub-stories

Koradi Thermal Power Plant

MSPGCL (Maharashtra State Power Generation Corporation Ltd) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) to supply treated water from municipal sewage plant as the water linkage to meet additional demand of MSPGCL’s proposed expansion plan….

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Problematic functioning of Maharashtra State Wildlife Board


Maharashtra SBWL The State Board for Wildlife has been formed under the Section 6 of the Wildlife Protection Act (1972) (and its subsequent Amendment in 2002) in all states of the country. The main functions of this Board are conservation…

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Guesstimating a Future: Questioning Knowledge Formation, Expertise and ‘development’ in Post Independence India            

Santhal TRibal Lady budhni-inaugurating-the-power-station-at-the-panchet-dam-in-december-1959-photo-nehru-memorial-museum-and-library-new-delhi.jpg Photo from: The Hindu

-Ramya Swayamprakash ( Large dams represent a gamut of ideas around the asocial and apolitical nature of water itself, i.e., ‘modern water’[1], expert control, and national space that are stitched together to yield hydraulic bureaucracies or hydrocracies. In the 20th century,…

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Good, bad and ugly – YJA ‘green’ take on the Union Budget 2014-15

Manoj Misra, YAMUNA JIYE ABHIYAAN ( Here is OUR TAKE ON VARIOUS PROVISIONS IN THE UNION BUDGET for 2014-15 presented by Union Finance Minister of Government of India in Parliament on July 10, 2014. This is focused on provisions related to Urban Sector. In what followed, I have given the…

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