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Landslide Dam on Sonam River in Uttarkashi: Threat to people and structures in the downstream area

Landslide Dam over Sonam River in Uttarkashi  District in Uttarakhand (Photo from

Above: Landslide Dam over Sonam River in Uttarkashi  Dist in Uttarakhand (Photo from A landslide on Sonam river (Bhagirathi basin) in Bhatwari block in Uttarakashi district in Uttarakhand has blocked the flow of the river and created a lake…

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CWPRS: A 100-year-old institute remains uni-dimensional; has no achievement to show


Jawaharlal Nehru who famously celebrated large dams as “temples of modern India” later termed them as “disease of giganticism”.[i] The fascination wore out after witnessing the huge sacrifice of the vulnerable and unfulfilled promises. Government of India however has continued…

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India facing its worst water crisis ever: Himanshu Thakkar


Find below interview of SANDRP coordinator Himanshu Thakkar by Aditi Phadnis, Business Standard. The interview was published in Business Standard on the 14th May 2016 ( ~~ Environmental activist and water expert Himanshu Thakkar tells Aditi Phadnis that India needs…

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Dams, Rivers & People News Bulletin Oct 12, 2015


Arunachal:-  Siang People’s Forum writes to MoEF to not allow mega dam on Siang River, State Govt. supports the cause Assam:- Locals, CM show stiff resistance to Lower Subansiri power project Himachal:-Jispa Dam project faces opposition Uttarakhand:- From 60 to…

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Why Vishnuprayag and other Uttarakhand Hydro Projects continue to affect two years after the June 2013 disaster

Damaged Vishnuprayag Dam filled with boulders after the June 2013 floods. Source: MATU Jansangathan

In the last week of June 2015, there were widespread rains in Uttarakhand, accompanied by warning by the Dehradun Met Department. The pilgrimage to Kedarnath and Badrinath was affected with massive landslides damaging roads and bridges. But strangely there was…

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Dams, Rivers & People News Bulletin, June 22, 2015

IMD Rainfall Map showing the division wise rainfall as on June 21, 2015

HYDROPOWER HIMACHAL: Himachal Pradesh engineers blames untrained engineers and human errors responsible for growing numbers of hydro power project mishaps (15 June 2015) HP engineers say that the board was suffering these losses as they lacked the trained engineers. The…

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Two years of Uttarakhand Flood Disaster of June 2013: Why is state & centre gambling with the Himalayas, the Ganga & lives of millions?

Child at Ganga Photo with thanks

Its two years since Uttarakhand faced its worst ever flood disaster during June 15-17, 2013. We remember such tragedies to ensure that we learn the necessary lessons. So that in future such tragedies are not repeated or their dimensions are…

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New Publication: Headwater Extinctions – Impacts of hydropower projects on fish and river ecosystems in Upper Ganga and Beas basins

SANDRP Report HEADWATER EXTINCTIONS being released at India Rivers Week on Nov 27, 2014

SANDRP has just published a new report: “Headwater Extinctions- Hydropower projects in the Himalayan reaches of the Ganga and the Beas: A closer look at impacts on fish and river ecosystems”, authored by Emmanuel Theophilus. The report[i] was released at…

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Why is the IIT Consortium acting like a hydropower lobby?

Mountains of muck dumped by Srinagar Hydro Project affecting biodiversity, increasing disasters, cumulative impacts, aesthetic value of Ganga in Uttarakahnd

In a shocking development, Consortium of Indian Institute of Technology (IITC) has submitted a report that is a shot in the arm for the hydropower lobby in Ganga basin in Uttarakhand. This IITC report is being used by the Union…

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Uttarakhand Hydropower: No lessons learnt from June 2013 disaster


Uttarakhand is another hotbed for the setting up of dams in order to utilize its claimed potential of about 27,000 MW. The government is overlooking the damage these will cause to the already fragile environment. This article tries to provide…

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