Dams, Rivers & People Magazine – July Aug 2015

For PDF containing this issue, see: DRP July Aug 2015: This is Volume 13, issue 6-7.

The Index of the articles in the issue is given below.


Stop westward diversion of water from Krishna basin                   1
Marathawada: Lowest Rainfall of the century?                                3
Release idle water from Bhama Askhed dam                                   6
Mah CM: we need irrigation not dams                                              7
Open letter to Tata Sustainability Group                                         10
Hoisting Godavari’s Flag this Kumbh                                               12
The Damodar Valley Dams’ role in W Bengal Floods                    16
Uttarakhand HEPs continue to impact                                             17
Flawed Ken Betwa EIA & violations in Public Hearing                 18
Yamuna’s future in limbo in its homeland                                       27
Small Hydro impacts in Kharadi in Yamuna basin                        28
Maletha; Battle won – campaign is on (Part II)                              31
NHPC’s Chutak power house submerged in Kargil                        32

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