INTACH pilot project reduces Assi River Pollution in Varanasi by 70% in two months, at least cost, without any structures

Above: Map showing interventions in Assi River in Varanasi (INTACH) REPORT TO DIVISIONAL COMMISSIONER, VARANASI On INTACH’s Pilot Project on Assi Nadi [24th Jan/17 – 26th Feb/17] Guest Blog by Manu Bhatnagar, INTACH INTACH is a national non-profit organization, a registered society…

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Varanasi, God’s Own Land

Guest Blog by Nandini Oza My recent visit to Varanasi in March 2017 was with a lot of expectations for more than one reason. Varanasi is situated on the majestic Ganga and located between the two rivers Varuna and Asi…

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While walking upstream along the Ganga from Ganga Sagar to Gangotri: The Price of Exclusivity

 Above: Young kid from a fishing family in Kahalgaon, even the most informed communities (Ganga Mukti Andolan) are clueless about the government’s intentions (Photo by Veditum) GUEST BLOG BY: Siddharth Agarwal  As the Ganga rises and fills streets and alleys with…

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Ganga and Varanasi’s Waste-water Management: Why has it remained such an Intractable Problem?

Guest blog by: Dr Kelly D. Alley (, Auburn University, USA Varanasi is newsworthy these days, situated symbolically and politically in the new Prime Minister’s agenda. In his victory speech, the PM-elect Narendra Modi vowed to clean the sacred river…

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Aziza Chaouni: “How I brought a River and My City back to Life”

Above: Respecting public opinion and expectations about their city center and their river. This includes people from all economic and social strata Photo: As India attempts to tackle the huge and growing problem of Urban water pollution and Urban…

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